Hijama in general is very safe
and has no side-effects.
Hijama is an effective way in bringing
cure to various diseases.
No matter how wonderful this treatment
method, let us not forget that like any
other treatment, there are known
contraindications for Hijama.

It should not be performed on the very
young age or very old age

During pregnancy there is a
tremendous demand by the baby
for nourishment which is provided
by means of the mothers blood.
As a result, if Hijamah is applied in
such a stage then great harm
is done to the body and to the
developing baby, this can easily
result in miscarriage.
Do not employ cupping therapy
over the eyes, open wounds or burns
in general and over the large veins
such as varicose veins.

Hijama is contraindicated for
people suffering from haemophilia
or extreme anaemia.

-Anticoagulant Drugs-
If a patient is on medication,
amongst these medications the most
dangerous are anticoagulant blood
thinners medicines.

And people with a serious heart disease


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