Hijamah treatment is one of the
oldest treatments known in many
societies, from ancient Egypt
in the west, all the way to the Chinese
in the east and a Sunnah of our
beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
who urged people to use cupping,
He said “The best treatment is cupping,
it removes blood, lighten the back
and sharpen the eyesight”.

In narratives on this subject,
the 17th, 19th, and 21st days
of the lunar month are recommended.
Hijama has been used in the treatment
of many conditions, such as
blood pressure, migraine, back pain,
sciatica, and many other conditions.

The cupping procedure is a safe
and affordable method of creating
the vacuum needed. The vacuum or
sucking effect can be achieved
by many different methods of
using glass or plastic “cups”, either
with fire or a pump mechanism.

Nowadays plastic cups are commonly
used for cupping, a partial vacuum
by these means causes the tissues
beneath the cup to be drawn up and
swell, thereby increasing blood
flow to the affected area and then
small incisions will remove
impurities and toxins.

Some of the benefits of Hijama:
Removes dead blood cells from the
cardiovascular system.
Purifies blood and increase
red and white blood cells.
Clears veins, arteries and capillaries.
Clears blockages or stagnated circulation.
Strengthens the immune system.
Promotes cell activities.
Allows the release of local toxins.
Stimulates the lymphatic system


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